Aug. 28, 1967
Aug. 28, 1967

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Aug. 28, 1967

Yesterday/Drawn and Quartered
The Gentle Irish
Modern Pentathlon
Harness Racing
Where The Fun Was
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Better from the Neck Up
In a first-person story, Manager Eddie Stanky of the White Sox blasts the other pennant contenders

This is an article from the Aug. 28, 1967 issue

24 Flaring Tempers on Wild Exhibition
The interleague game between the Eagles and the Jets turned into a grudge match and then a rout for Philadelphia

26 A New 12 and Three Also-rans
After a week's sailing Intrepid seemed the only logical choice to defend the America's Cup

32 My Life with Ali: Part 3
The ex-champion, concludes his trainer, Angelo Dundee, could come back strong even if he does go to jail

40 The Gentle Irish
To a novice, hurling looks like legalized mayhem, but the Irish insist it is a game of deft and ordered skill

52 I Want My Bloody Game Back
A transplanted Welshman cries out in pain at what U.S. television is doing to his favorite sport

68 Where the Fun Was
New Yorkers still flock to fabled Coney Island, but the great days of the colorful resort were long, long ago

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13 Scorecard
57 People
58 Modern Pentathlon
60 Harness Racing
64 Horse Racing
81 Baseball's Week
82 For the Record
83 19th Hole

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Next week

St. Louis spirit bubbles as the astounding Cardinals continue to dominate the National League. William Leggett gives a close-in look at this ever popular baseball team.

"Tricky Tommy" he is called by his enemies. UCLA's Prothro is tricky but, as Melvin Durslag points out, he also is one of the brightest college football coaches in the U.S.

Striped Bass, favorite of the saltwater angler, provide Stanley Meltzoff, an artist and spearfisherman, with the subjects for paintings that reveal their eerie underwater color.