Sept. 04, 1967
Sept. 04, 1967

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Sept. 4, 1967

AFL Glory
Hopeful Time
Fun And Games
John Newcombe
  • But John Newcombe has just come of age at 23. He has a lovely wife, Angelique, and a major title, Wimbledon, and he could become the colorful champion his countrymen have long been awaiting

Texas Billy
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Eamon Kennedy
12, 13—Herb Scharfman
14, 15—Tony Triolo, Herb Scharfman, Sheedy & Long
17—Jerry Cooke
18—Martine Franck
19—Gerry Cranham
20—Russ Halford
22-24—Fred Kaplan-Black Star
29—Richard Meek
30—Gerry Cranham
40, 41—Russ Halford
43—Bruce Howell
49—UPI, Las Vegas News Bureau
58-64—Fred Kaplan-Black Star
71—UPI, Des Moines Register & Tribune, Bob Steber-Nashville Tennessean, Steve Hines-National Rifle Association

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