Sept. 25, 1967
Sept. 25, 1967

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Sept. 25, 1967

Great Play
  • That is what UCLA Coach Tommy Prothro is asking for in the dramatic scene at right, and a moment later both Tennessee and the imploring crowd in the Los Angeles Coliseum saw Gary Beban's answer

Bean-Can Bout
Spiritual New Go
College Football
Motor Sports
Pro Football
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 One More Great Play
That was what UCLA needed, and that is what it got from the man it calls The Great One, Gary Beban

This is an article from the Sept. 25, 1967 issue

20 A Bean-can Bout in Frankfurt
Poor promotion and worse officiating seemed singularly appropriate for the Mildenberger-Bonavena fight

24 The Champ Was Really Loaded
Carrying a record 172 pounds. Quick Pitch won his sixth straight hurdle race at high weights

26 The Fatal 20 Minutes
After all the high hopes, it took just that long to show that "Dame Pattie" could never win the America's Cup

34 Spiritually Set for a New Go
Buoyed by Beethoven, Nino Benvenuti awaits the title rematch with Emile Griffith, a confessed mama's boy

42 Lake Tahoe's Incline Village
Once a thriving logging community, Incline comes to life again as a sporting center

76 Tale of an Ancient Mariner
Paul Gallico looks back half a century to the days when he was a college oarsman and rowing was front-page news

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11 Scorecard
51 College Football
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66 Golf
69 Pro Football
91 Baseball's Week
92 For the Record
93 19th Hole

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Next week

Victorious St. Louis, with the National League pennant wrapped up, prepares to meet any one of four American League teams in the Series. A preview by William Leggett.

USC faces Texas, and John McKay of USC faces a typical big-game week in the life of a college football coach. John Underwood tells of the pre-game drama, and what it led to.

Agent 26250 of Pinkerton's Inc.—that's Writer Myron Cope—reports on the 117-year-old detective agency, as well as his own on-the-job training at the Memphis Open.