20 They're Still Waiting for Jerry
Quarry beat Floyd Patterson and could go all the way. But his progress—and his win—are open to question

24 If at First You Don't Succeed
Harvard loses a frenzied game between Ivy League unbeatens when a Dartmouth kicker gets a second chance

26 A Scot's Carolina Bash
Grand Prix hero Jim Clark describes his first U.S. stock car race—won by Bobby Allison's Ford

28 Almost Too Good to Play
Dan Reeves was a man of many talents and master of none before his knack for winning was discovered

Hockey 1967-1968

34 A survey of a bright new season
38 A famed coach tells spectators how to watch

58 The Cougar Moves Up
The American lion, once only a target for bounty hunters, is now being accepted as a game animal

76 The Lady Is a Champ
The country's leading fight promoter is Aileen Eaton—loathed, loved and lethal

The departments

13 Scorecard
46 College Football
54 People
58 Hunting
64 Horse Racing
69 Horse Show
72 Golf
74 Bridge
95 For the Record
96 19th Hole

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