Dec. 18, 1967
Dec. 18, 1967

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Dec. 18, 1967

The Roughest
The Big Z
The Dynasty
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 A Real Wowser for the Rams
The Los Angeles cause seemed lost, but a blocked punt and a touchdown pass in the last seconds saved the day

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18 No. 24—A New Man for New York
In his pro basketball debut, Bill Bradley demonstrated that he can take command

20 The Roughest Rides to Richest
Larry Mahan, one of the new breed of cowboys, becomes All-Around Champion and wins $50,000

26 The Big Z and His Misfiring Pistons
After years of juggling personnel, Fred Zollner, owner of the Detroit Pistons, may have hit the right combination

34 60 MPH—Standing Still
Olympic downhillers test their gear in a wind tunnel and an avalanche of turtlenecks creates a new after-ski fashion

40 Call of the Not-so-wild
A wild animal pet? Why not, says Bil Gilbert, but be sure to pick the right animal

68 The Dynasty Lacoste
The old Crocodile liked perfection, the young one likes to win, and France's famed sporting family marches on

The departments

7 Scorecard
50 People
53 Fishing
58 Baseball
64 Golf
67 Bridge
85 For the Record
86 Basketball's Week
88 19th Hole

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Sportsman of the year is the one whose achievements in 1967 most closely approach the ancient Greek ideal of pure excellence. We salute the very finest of an impressive field.

The pro season draws to a dramatic end. A report on the confrontation of the NFL's top teams, Baltimore and Los Angeles, and on Houston's big bid for dominance in the AFL.

The buffalo hunt is a badly reported part of the American past. Edwin Shrake tells what it really was like—and describes a chilling encounter between Indian and white hunters.