12 The Year of the Ram
Just as had been predicted, Los Angeles beat the Colts and won its division title in the last game of the season

16 Almost All Alone at the Top
The Houston Oilers beat San Diego and grabbed first place, but, as usual, hardly anyone showed up to watch

18 Getting the Vandy Treatment
Three of the nation's best teams went to Nashville last week and lost to the quick, calm Commodores

22 Sportsman of the Year
Nobody in sport in 1967 played with more sheer excellence and dramatic fulfillment than Boston's Carl Yastrzemski

26 And Ford Came Out Flying
Providing a dramatic American success story, Dearborn has proved that true sport and profit can be compatible

44 Football's Way-out Season
The in thing was the upset, and it may still be as one of the college game's daffiest autumns heads toward bowl week

50 Mr. Goren Is Doubling You
Once a double in bridge was for penalties, but now it means a lot of things. Are you in double trouble?

60 The Buffalo Hunt
Edwin Shrake vividly re-creates a 19th-century quest by a tribe of Comanches. An excerpt from a new novel

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8 Scorecard
50 Bridge
56 People
75 For the Record
76 Basketball's Week
78 19th Hole

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