Jan. 15, 1968
Jan. 15, 1968

Table of Contents
Jan. 15, 1968

Yesterday/Frosty Fair
The Pack
Holy War
Track & Field
Kind Canines
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Brian Seed
12, 13—Vernon J. Biever
15—Fred Kaplan-Black Star from LIFE
16, 17—Tony Triolo
18—Fred Lyon-Rapho Guillumette
20—Brian Seed
22—James Drake
23—Martin Nathan
29-36—John G. Zimmerman
38—map by William Bernstein
44—UPI London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade
47—Fred Koplan-Black Star
59—lower left, Coral Gables Photo
61—Hank delespinasse

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