Feb. 05, 1968
Feb. 05, 1968

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Feb. 5, 1968

Open Letter
The Winter Olympics


6—Bob Williamson
16—Tony Triolo, George Bloodgood
18—Arthur Shay
19—left, Vernon J. Biever
21—Roy DeCarava
22, 23—Sheedy & Long
24, 27—Jerry Cooke
28—John G. Zimmerman, Eric Schweikardt
29—Gerry Cranham, John F. Jaqua, Eric Schweikardt (2)
30—Eric Schweikardt
34, 36—John G. Zimmerman
37—Jerry Cooke
39—John G. Zimmerman
40, 41—Gerry Cranham
42—John G. Zimmerman
45—Tony Triolo
47-50—John G. Zimmerman
52—Walter Oates-Washington Star, Jean Biaugeaud
54—Don Dornan-TIME
60-63—Edgar Holcomb
70—Howard Tullis
73—AP (3), Ralph Robinson

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