Feb. 19, 1968
Feb. 19, 1968

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Feb. 19, 1968

Winter Olympics
Ali Preaches
Design For Sport
Dr. Beauty
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The Winter Olympics

This is an article from the Feb. 19, 1968 issue

12 U.S. skiers go tumbling down in a wave of calamity
18 But our girl skaters win a harvest of gold and silver

22 The Shoe Was Not in the Saddle
While regular Jockey Willie Shoemaker watched on TV, Damascus lost the Strub to a long shot

24 St. Bona is a Bonny Surprise
Undaunted and underrated, a five-man band of Indians ambushes all enemy forces

26 For Ali, a Time to Preach
Whether you regard him as the champion or not, Muhammad Ali, giving sermons now, is as vital as ever

32 Variations on an Isosceles Theme
Architect Charles Brewer designs vacation houses with a new kind of roof geometry based on triangular panels

36 Staying on Top of the World
Skiing may be fine sport, but if a man really needs to get somewhere in snow a pair of bear-paws is the thing

50 Dr. Beauty Buys a Beast
A Hollywood plastic surgeon, whose vocation is the female profile, is finding his fun with Thoroughbreds

The departments

8 Scorecard
42 Bridge
44 Hockey
46 Track
63 For the Record
64 Basketball's Week
66 19th Hole

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Next week

Minnesota admires its new hockey team, the North Stars, but drives Coach Wren Blair to distraction with its low-key, purist approach to the game. Mark Mulvoy reports.

A wild one of stock-car racing, Carolinian Curtis Turner speaks candidly to Kim Chapin of life on the tracks and of his legendary partying, moonshine hauling and flying.

Pacing prodigies from New Zealand, led by Cardigan Bay, have won $3 million in U.S. purses in the last few seasons, and American horsemen are searching for more.