March 11, 1968
March 11, 1968

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March 11, 1968

  • By Frank Graham Jr.

    Despite his name, Mr. Davis was not really a dirty fighter. But a Brownsville man's pride can be tried too far

Hot Rookies
Timid Generation
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Bad Week for Mr. B
Avery Brundage has often been embattled, but never so much as now—the Olympics may depend on how he fares

This is an article from the March 11, 1968 issue

22 College Boxing's Last Round
A sport that is merely a shadow of its former self still fights for life on the West Coast

24 Rhubarb Thrives in the Palms
A disqualification mars Hialeah's Flamingo, while Santa Anita produces a surprise Derby contender

28 Hot Rookies for a New Season
In a troubled year big-league baseball may be coming up with its best crop of young ballplayers in a long time

36 The Once a Winter Wild One
The big wave at Hawaii's Waimea Bay is worth a season of waiting, as Neil Leifer's color photographs prove

44 The Little Car That Could
From Germany comes a sports car that wins races and, for private buyers, corners like a racing car

68 The Timid Generation
Youth may be in revolt, but not at places like Duke University, where the temper is one of uneasy calm

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53 People
54 Golf
56 Sporting Look
60 Basketball
65 Boating
81 For the Record
82 Basketball's Week
84 19th Hole

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Previewing the NCAA basketball tournament—once assumed to be a formality—has acquired added interest since Houston beat UCLA. Joe Jares assesses early-round regionals.

Dawn to dark is the workday of the horse trainer, and mostly his job brings frustration, not glory. Jerry Cooke photographs 13 of the best for a handsome color portfolio.

Gun-control laws are being urged by many Americans. Are they necessary, or would they help? Martin Kane offers the results of a careful study—and some recommendations.