April 01, 1968
April 01, 1968

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April 1, 1968

Two Routs
Build And Destroy
City Of Complexes
  • Oakland has long been traumatized by the glamorous city it faces across the Bay, but its other complex, a gorgeous stadium and arena facility, is new. Suddenly Oakland finds itself with five pro teams, all of them clawing for attention and devotion from the same elusive fans—choosy suburbanites, angry Negroes and haughty San Franciscans

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Two Routs to a Title
Brushing aside Houston and North Carolina, UCLA continues its reign as national champion

This is an article from the April 1, 1968 issue

18 The Birds, the Bees and the Porsches
The birds are girl drivers who annoyed boy drivers who buzzed in vain at Sebring's victors

20 A Heavy Blow in a Windy City
A mere gale lifted the roof off Philadelphia's Spectrum, but the aftermath has been a political hurricane

22 After You, My Dear Mohamed
In a demanding cross-country race, Gaston Roelants was injured as local boy Mohamed Gammoudi won

24 Is Schollander a Swimmer?
Yale's introspective Olympic gold-medal star says no and describes himself as a man who happens to swim

38 The Other World of the Ring
Here, in a picture essay, is the real but private realm of the fighter, watched by thousands, seen by few

46 Operation Build and Destroy
Kentucky politicians and the Army Corps of Engineers are ready to dam the Red River and drown a beautiful gorge

60 A City of Complexes
Oakland has glorious new sports facilities and five pro teams of its own, but has not found happiness

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6 Scorecard
50 People
53 Golf
54 Bridge
56 Skiing
75 For the Record
76 Basketball's Week
78 19th Hole

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Next week

The masters has no rival in U.S. golf when it comes to tradition, ceremony and grandeur, but much of what happens is backstage. Dan Jenkins tells some of the secrets of Augusta.

Stanley Cup Hockey begins its longest run yet as expansion teams play for the first time. Pete Axthelm reviews a topsy-turvy season and predicts how the cup warfare will go.

Two derbies on Saturday, one at Santa Anita and the other at Gulfstream Park, sharpen the prospects for the Derby—the one to be held at Churchill Downs in May, of course.