April 15, 1968
April 15, 1968

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April 15, 1968

  • In the Western pro playoffs basketball may be all finesse and ballet, but in the East it is muscleball especially when the fearsome giants of Philadelphia and New York (right) and Boston get together

  • With $25,000 waiting for him in bowling's richest tournament, Dave Davis came down to the 10th frame of the last game against Koko Johnson and all that was left was the seven-pin. He never saw it fall

Country Girl
Horse Shows
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


35—Walter Iooss Jr.
36—Fred Kaplan-Black Star
37—upper, Walter Iooss Jr., lower, Sheedy & Long (2)
38—Walter Iooss Jr.
40, 41—Tony Triolo
42, 43—top, KRLD T.V., bottom, United States Olympic Committee (2), Don Uhrbrock-LIFE
44—Rich Clarkson
53—Herb Scharfman
54-56—Walter Iooss Jr.
57—upper, John G. Zimmerman, lower, Water Iooss Jr.
58, 59—upper, Walter Iooss Jr., lower, Eric Schweikardt, right, Herb Scharfman
60-61—Walter Iooss Jr.
62—left, John G. Zimmerman, right, Walter Iooss Jr.
63—upper, Walter Iooss Jr., lower, Herb Scharfman
64—Walter Iooss Jr.
66-77—drawings by Robert Velde
78—Yale Joel-LIFE
91—Rich Clarkson
94—Underwood & Underwood
106—Hal Boucher
127—Pete Waldmeir, U.S. Air Force Academy

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