April 29, 1968
April 29, 1968

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April 29, 1968

Two Seconds
Service Football
Racing To Indy
Horse Racing
Two Lives In One
  • Although Zane Grey accomplished more than most men, his years passed too quickly. As it was, he lived two full lives—one for his writing and one for his fishing—and he was extraordinarily successful at both. For years the sale of his books was surpassed only by the Holy Bible and McGuffey Readers, and his earnings allowed him to fish the waters of the world, where he set many records. Today, almost 30 years after his death at age 67, his books still sell and two of his fishing records have never been beaten

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Knockout, Knockdown
After only two weeks and a bruise of hit batters, the American League pennant race has that wild look again

This is an article from the April 29, 1968 issue

24 Two Seconds Stretch for First
Boston and Los Angeles, runners-up in their divisions, begin the battle for pro basketball's title

28 Switcheroo from Yes to Nyet
Avery Brundage and the International Olympic Committee suddenly reversed the field on the subject of South Africa

30 On, Brave Old Army Team
And onward it (and other service football teams) will likely go if they follow the example of Coach Tom Cahill

42 Fathers and Sons—and Indy
Billy Vukovich and Gary Bettenhausen are racing toward the Indianapolis Speedway, where their fathers died

58 Spring Dose of Vitamin D
Even if you don't stand a chance to win, a trip to Bermuda for International Race Week is as good as a prize

68 The Man Who Lived Two Lives
Zane Grey was one of the best-selling authors of any time, and the best-catching fisherman ever

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11 Scorecard
56 People
58 Boating
61 Horse Racing
62 Boxing
66 Golf
87 For the Record
88 Baseball's Week
89 19th Hole

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