April 29, 1968
April 29, 1968

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April 29, 1968

Two Seconds
Service Football
Racing To Indy
Horse Racing
Two Lives In One
  • Although Zane Grey accomplished more than most men, his years passed too quickly. As it was, he lived two full lives—one for his writing and one for his fishing—and he was extraordinarily successful at both. For years the sale of his books was surpassed only by the Holy Bible and McGuffey Readers, and his earnings allowed him to fish the waters of the world, where he set many records. Today, almost 30 years after his death at age 67, his books still sell and two of his fishing records have never been beaten

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Lee Balterman
19—Camera 5
20, 21—Upper, Richard Raphael (3), lower, James Drake (2)
22—Upper, James Drake, lower, Camera 5 (3)
28, 29—Gerry Cranham
30, 31—Richard Meek, upper right, Carl Iwasaki
37—Eric Schweikardt
42, 43—Sheedy & Long
56—John D. Hanlon, Warren R. Roll
61—Herb Scharfman
62—Shel Hershorn-Black Star
66, 67—Hank deLespinasse
87—Jerry Miles, John P. Foster, Pennsylvania State University

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