July 08, 1968
July 08, 1968

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July 8, 1968

  • Because of a fierce storm whipping the Atlantic, this year's entries had to wait a full 24 hours before lining up for their start off Brenton Reef, but once the race got going it was the easiest Bermuda ever

Harness Racing
College Football


10 The Non-trial Trials
The glamorous U.S. Olympic trials in Los Angeles turned out to be a casual affair in which nothing was really decided

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14 Bermuda-bound Minus Brenda
Despite the threat of a hurricane, this year's Bermuda race was the easiest ever

18 Part 2: The Black Athlete
Often ill-prepared, the Negro comes to college and enters a deadly conflict between pride and prejudice

32 Ted Williams on Hitting
In his concluding installment the last of the majors' .400 batters describes with words and pictures the art of hitting

46 The Trotting Amazon Returns
France's powerful Roquépine defends her International title at Roosevelt Raceway

50 Wobbly Way to a Great Day
Gary Beban, who had picked up a fancy name but thrown some unfancy passes, set matters right in the Coaches Game

52 Rufus Parnelli Houseboat
Or how a hardy band of voyagers from Suburbia found a new way of life among the bonefish

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7 Scorecard
46 Harness Racing
50 College Football
66 Baseball's Week
69 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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Next week

The Athletics? In the first division? Not only that, but the American League's most surprising team to date has the talent to prove it belongs up there. Gary Ronberg reports.

The Powerful Packers of 1967 were the best of the Green Bay teams he's been with, writes Middle Linebacker Ray Nitschke, but he expects the 1968 model to be—better.

Catherine of France returns to defend her Women's Open crown, while 111 other golfers, including the top pros in the country, try to prevent Miss Lacoste from repeating.