July 15, 1968
July 15, 1968

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July 15, 1968

  • By J. A. Maxtone Graham

    In 60 bareknuckle rounds at England's most famous school, a wellborn Whiglet battered a young Tory to death

Part 3: The Black Athlete
Peter Thomson
  • Australia's Peter Thomson, who has won the British Open five times, has made himself an unpopular figure among American pros with his criticisms of U.S. golf and its rich tour. Thomson does not care. He is too busy with his own diverse interests—books, music, being a responsible father to his daughters and son (left) and encouraging the growth of golf in the Far East. His supreme goal, however, is entirely personal—to win the British Open for the sixth time, something only Harry Vardon has ever before done. This week at Carnoustie in Scotland, Thomson will get his chance

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


23—Sheedy & Long
24, 25—Eric Schweikardt
26, 27—Herb Scharfman
28, 29—Roy DeCarava
32, 33—Roy DeCarava (3), Shel Hershorn-Black Star
34—Rich Clarkson
42—Jerry Cooke
43—Roy DeCarava
45-47—Stavenhagen Collection, Mexico
48, 49—Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico
50, 51—Stavenhagen Collection, Mexico
52—Museo de Colima, Mexico
61—Vernon J. Biever
68—Fox Photos, Bob Gomel—LIFE
70—T. Tanuma
72—Richard O'Connor
78—David Moore-Black Star
80, 83—David Moore-Black Star
91—Tony Tomsic
92—Cypress Gardens, William G. Vorpe-Cleveland Plain Dealer, William J. Stinson

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