Sept. 30, 1968
Sept. 30, 1968

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Sept. 30, 1968

Young Generals
  • They are not yet 30 and they are still learning—often the hard way—but from this group of promising quarterbacks may emerge the one or two who will adequately replace those aging kings, Unitas and Starr

Series Matchup
Big Night
Mexico 68
College Football
Harness Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Cover—Eric Schweikardt, James Drake, Davila Arellano, Yves Debraine—LIFE, Ted Streshinsky-Pix
6—Tony Triolo
21—Tony Tomsic
22—Roy DeCarava, Harry Cabluck, Walter Iooss Jr.
23—James Drake
24—John D. Hanlon
26—Herb Scharfman
27—Sheedy & long
28, 29—Herb Scharfman (2), Lee Balterman (2), Walter Iooss Jr.
30—Walter Iooss Jr.
33—Neil Leifer
36-38—James Drake
44, 45—Rich Clarkson
47—Jerry Cooke
48—Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer
49—Jerry Cooke, Sheedy & Long
50—Neil Leifer
52-54—Walter Iooss Jr.
55-57—Jerry Cooke
58, 59—David Moore, Gerry Cranham, James Drake
60—Jerry Cooke
61, 62—Walter Iooss Jr.
64, 65—Richard Meek (3), Arthur Rickerby-LIFE, Jerry Cooke (2), UPI
66—Jerry Cooke (2), UPI, Richard Meek
71—Richard Meek (2), UPI, Jerry Cooke
72—Richard Meek (2) T. Tanuma, Albert Fenn-LIFE
74—Sheedy & Long
79—Walter Iooss Jr.
84—Lee Balterman
88—Wil Blanche
90-99—James Drake
108—Paul Siegel-Minneapolis Star (1)

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