Nov. 11, 1968
Nov. 11, 1968

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Nov. 11, 1968

The Undefeated
Creepy Crew
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Something to Shout About
Ohio State and Penn State are leaving their fans limp as two intriguing coaches have a big, wild year

This is an article from the Nov. 11, 1968 issue

22 A Debt Was Paid off in Tears
The Olympics are over, but the altitude problem is not. Roger Bannister looks back in anger

24 Oakland Raids the Full House
Stopped by an unusual Kansas City formation three weeks ago, the Raiders crushed the Chiefs in the rematch

26 Sweet Life of an Olympic Doll
Pretty Peggy Fleming has been hard at work, transforming herself from Olympic gold medalist into TV star

28 My Passport Was at Shortstop
Noted Author Wilfrid Sheed describes coming here from England as a boy and searching for a ball game

36 A Creepy Crew Stalks Florida
Wide-open immigration for exotic animals is proving to be a dangerous policy on our Southern peninsula

58 The Mafia at Saratoga
At the shrine of U.S. Thoroughbred racing an odd mixture of horseplayers spends a memorable afternoon

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9 Scorecard
44 College Football
52 People
54 Pro Basketball
56 Bridge
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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The Killy style—and how-to get it—is described by the world's best skier in his first article since he won three skiing gold medals at the Grenoble Winter Olympic Games.

The century division may not be the NFL's strongest, but two of its teams, St. Louis and Cleveland, are engaged in a hot race for the title. Tex Maule assesses their chances.

The Aggie joke is a staple of Texas humor, but today's Aggies—including civilians and even coeds now—are not quite the down-home, just-folks targets they used to be.