Dec. 02, 1968
Dec. 02, 1968

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Dec. 2, 1968

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Bruce Swanson, senior quarterback for Chicago's North Park College, threw 10 TD passes in a 104-32 win over North Central, a College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin record. In 1967 he set a U.S. record for 50 or more punts with a 46.3-yard average.

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Tom Rigg, 15, of Tampa, won two titles, one in the men's division, at the annual Florida State Judo Championships Tournament. He is the 1968 recipient of the Taizo Sone Sportsmanship Trophy for outstanding contributions to the sport of judo in Florida.

Charlie Dole, a banker from Honolulu, won his second straight Hawaii State Sailing Championship. He sailed his Cal-20 sloop, Susie-T, to a first, a second and two thirds for 8¾ points in the four-race, two-day series. Dole has been sailing 39 years.

Roberta Lynn Angeli, 13, of San Bruno, Calif., an eighth grader at Parkside Junior High school, is the punter on her school team. Her average is 36 yards, her best punt 46 yards. She has an all-excellent record in the President's Council on Physical Fitness tests.

Frank Ward, of Wilmington, Del., barely 6 and short for his age, runs the mile in the 7:50s. He ran his first mile at the age of 4 and at 5 was completing a 4.3-mile outdoor course. He also plays tennis and squash and is on a light weight-lifting program.

Sergeant James Beck of Omaha, a U.S. Army marksman at Fort Benning, Ga., scored a 297-bird total for a new interservice record at the 1968 Interservice Moving Target Championships. He also won a gold medal at the 1967 Little Olympics in Mexico.