Jan. 13, 1969
Jan. 13, 1969

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Jan. 13, 1969

  • By Hugh D. Whall

    Whales, gales and waterspouts were some of the hazards that threatened SI's yachting writer when he sailed through the Roaring Forties aboard the top boat in Australia's wildest race

The Bowls
Puerto Rico
Super Bowl
Track & Field
College Basketball
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Hard Way to Hobart
SI's yachting writer took it, sailing through whales and gales to a first-place finish in a wild ocean race

This is an article from the Jan. 13, 1969 issue

No. 1 in the Rose; 12 in the Orange

16 Ohio State crushes USC and the national title heads east
20 Penn State overcomes adversity and Kansans by the dozen

So Near and Yet So Far Out

22 Puerto Rico will never be the same now that Puro is there
26 The season's sun clothes are for the far side of paradise

36 A Go Pattern vs. a Stop Team
The New York Jets' passing attack conquered the AFL, but the Baltimore Colts' defense should prove tougher

42 Three-Way Sprint to the Money
First one, then two, now three different groups are trying to bring professional track into existence

46 Subterfuge on a Sylvan Rally
The name of the sport is orienteering, but to Clive Gammon it was more like "cherchez la femme"

The departments

6 Scorecard
40 People
42 Track & Field
44 College Basketball
56 Basketball's Week
58 For the Record
59 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Ernst Haas

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Next week

The Super Bowl presents the passing artistry of Joe Namath, the New York Jets' quarterback, against the bruising defense of the Baltimore Colts. Tex Maule reports.

The power struggle between conservationists and utility companies over haphazard planning of nuclear plants is described and decried by Senior Editor Robert H. Boyle.

Bleeding Buffalo, scorned by baseball and hockey and slandered as bush and barren by unkind critics, fights on for major league status. An appreciation by Brock Yates.