Feb. 03, 1969
Feb. 03, 1969

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Feb. 3, 1969

The Crosby
The Bruins
College Basketball
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 This Is Golf?
Always a meteorological marvel, last week's Crosby pro-am proved it is possible to hit a shot while treading water

This is an article from the Feb. 3, 1969 issue

16 The Meet of the Future Is Now
The Astrodome's first track carnival got off to a slow start but there are signs that it will pick up speed

18 Bobby Orr & the Animals
Boston's favorite rock group, starring a wonder defense-man and assorted musclemen, is No. 1 in hockey

24 All He Wants to Save Is the World
Attorney Vic Yannacone of the Environmental Defense Fund hauls into court those who despoil man's habitat

30 A Sailor's Seagoing Bungalow
Ocean racer Carleton Mitchell has a new boat—designed for comfort, not competition

38 High Flight for an Oriole
Frank Robinson, fresh from a three-month trial in Puerto Rico, could become the big leagues' first Negro manager

50 Let There Be Steam
That is the decree of Bill Lear, the Lear Jet man, who is building steam-engined racers for the Indy 500

The departments

9 Scorecard
36 People
38 Baseball
40 Basketball
46 Boxing
48 Horse Racing
59 For the Record
60 Basketball's Week
62 19th Hole

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Next week

Ford vs. Porsche for the sports-car supremacy of the world will be the main event at Daytona, but Alfa Romeo of Italy and Matra of France also will contest the 24 Hours.

The unbroken broncos of Santa Clara, led by implacable Bud Ogden, are headed for college basketball's big last roundup and, Joe Jares writes, a serious crack at UCLA.

Enigmatic New England has too many skiers, not enough snow and no real mountains, yet it continues to boom, holding its head—and a brand-new Chin—high in the icy air.