Feb. 10, 1969
Feb. 10, 1969

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Feb. 10, 1969

Daytona Shocker
The Flop
Sibling Rivalry
Cars Of Yesterday


16 Shocker at Daytona
Surviving multiple calamities in the 24 Hours, an American Lola-Chevy won an astonishing victory

This is an article from the Feb. 10, 1969 issue

20 The Commissioner Speaks Out
Joe Dey, professional golf's new tour boss, presents his views on the critical problems facing the game

22 Annie Doesn't Ski Here Anymore
Cute little Annie Famose was leading the World Ski Cup race until she went to St. Anton last week

24 Being Backward Gets Results
High Jumper Dick Fosbury has decided to stop Flopping for a while, but the Fosbury Phenomenon goes on

30 A Simply Dandy Sibling Rivalry
When Bud Ogden competes against Ralph Ogden the real winner is Santa Clara, the second best team in the West

38 Geysers and Gondolas
Yankee ingenuity is solving the old New England problems of too many skiers, too few mountains, too little snow

44 Uruguay's Immortal Cars
They do not die in that car-husbanding country, they just get a transplant and keep going

60 I Finally Got the Point
Basketball was a sporting proposition when played on the aircraft carrier "Midway," but just what was the sport?

The departments

8 Scorecard
52 Golf
54 College Basketball
58 Bridge
71 For the Record
74 Basketball's Week
76 19th Hole

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Next week

The young lions of pro golf, players such as Bob Lunn, Bob Murphy and Dave Stockton, are making inroads on the fame of the established stars. Dan Jenkins studies the trend.

Tournament time in Iowa means just one thing—girls. They play basketball, so prettily, in fact, that they draw larger crowds than the boys. Photographs in color show why.

Churning motors replace the horse and the hounds as Minnesota hunters who have never heard a tallyho pursue a classic quarry—the red fox—in a most unclassic manner.