"God did not bless New England with mountains," says Sepp Ruschp of Stowe, Vt. What God did not provide, Yankee ingenuity is substituting—like the world's largest snow-making machine, shown here spewing its powder cover over 80% of Big Bromley, Vt. The diehards who ski New England—850,000 of them—no longer have as a theme, "I love thy rocks and rills, glare ice and lift-line chills." Trails that once were goat paths, narrow as sidewalks, are now as carefully graded, seeded, hayed and raked as the Augusta National. New gondolas warm the ride to the top, and heated pools steam away at the bottom, beaconing havens from frostbite.

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire's fine new area run by ex-Olympic Racer Tommy Corcoran, has best junior race program in the East. At left, Corcoran collects a flock of future Olympians for an after-school session of slalom training. Waterville is the site of this year's World Cup finale.

Sugarloaf is Maine's best. At its base there is a 15-km. cross-country course for the Colby College Nordic team, shown here in action. A 9,000-foot gondola takes skiers to above-timberline snowfields—a rarity in New England—and to the maze of trails etched on the mountain in the background.

Loon Mountain, N.H. was built by Sherman Adams. Loon has steep trails for the expert, a gondola for everybody's comfort and one of the newest innovations in skiing—video tape recording. Jon Putnam, area director, monitoring the system, says, "It makes students believe you—at last."

Bolton Valley breaks the Vermont mold of imitation cuckoo-clock ski architecture. Still building, but already in use, this year-round sports complex features such imaginative condominiums as these built by Peter Gluck.

Mt. Snow has to be experienced to be believed. It is Vermont's busiest area, and only the Japanese can go Developer Walt Schoenknecht better on remaking a landscape. Pools steam, geysers spurt, and everybody has a ball.

Stowe is Stowe because Sepp Ruschp has spent 32 years making it the best ski resort in New England. His pride is a new mountain, the Chin, and anybody who has frozen on Stowe's chairs will bless him for his new gondola.