Feb. 24, 1969
Feb. 24, 1969

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Feb. 24, 1969

The Furious Four
Down The Heathen
He Gets To Shoot
  • An up-from-the-streets millionaire, Wes Pavalon once had to fight—and even steal—to survive. Part of the energy that made him the world's richest schoolteacher is now being devoted to an NBA team, a plan to get Alcindor and big sport for Milwaukee

Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Four for the Bundle
With the NBA stakes higher than ever, New York, Baltimore, Boston and Philly are in a furious fight for first

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20 The Newest Senator in Town
As if getting Vince Lombardi weren't enough, Washington now has volatile Ted Williams as its baseball manager

22 Old Shoe Just as Good as New
After a long layoff because of a badly broken leg, Willie Shoemaker went three for three on his first day back

24 The Pope of Skiing
Austrian Professor Stefan Kruckenhauser is at it again, abandoning his famed Wedeln for a new wide-stance style

32 The Life and Death of a Tarpon
Many links are missing in the life chain of the tarpon. Artist Stanley Meltzoff depicts some of its known habits

38 Down with the Heathen
Lon Varnell coaches gentlemen at the University of the South, meaning he is a fellow with great patience and hope

56 Now He Gets to Shoot
As a player he never made a basket, but today Wes Pavalon is a hotshot millionaire with his own professional team

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44 People
46 Baseball
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50 Hockey
55 Bridge
64 Basketball's Week
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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The lombardi legend is put on the line as Vince leaves Green Bay to coach the hapless Redskins. Bill Johnson examines Vince's feelings about himself and his future.

Frozen speed is not a contradiction in terms when the world's best bobsledders converge on Lake Placid to determine who will be king now that Italy's Monti has retired.

The roller derby rocks and whirs its way triumphantly across the country each winter, proudly indigenous and remarkably prosperous, though disdained by classic sports fans.