Feb. 24, 1969
Feb. 24, 1969

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Feb. 24, 1969

The Furious Four
Down The Heathen
He Gets To Shoot
  • An up-from-the-streets millionaire, Wes Pavalon once had to fight—and even steal—to survive. Part of the energy that made him the world's richest schoolteacher is now being devoted to an NBA team, a plan to get Alcindor and big sport for Milwaukee

Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


21—Charles Trainor-Miami News
24-29—Jerry Cooke
38, 40—Bruce Roberts-Rapho Guillumette
44—AP, Norton Pearl
46—Noel Clark-LIFE
50-63—Heinz Kluetmeier
64—Elmer Horton
66—Steve Hachinski, Herb Workmon-Columbus Citizen-Journol, T. E. Strasser, Frank J. Johns

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