14 No Goody Two-Shoes
The leading sports shoemakers, Adidas and Puma, paid Olympic athletes some $100,000 to wear their products

24 Promises, Promises—and More
The U.S. played host to the best world skaters and skiers and came away winning—or promising to next year

28 Nobody Waits on this Lefty
He is Lefty Driesell of Davidson. Pause just one second and his scholarly Wildcats will whip right past you

34 Days that Sustain the Dream
For young and old, all things seem possible when spring training begins and the rookies and the gaffers cavort

40 Serenity on the Edge of Disaster
Graham Hill, Britain's world-champion driver, tells why he is undismayed by the perils of racing

62 Freddie's In, Gloom's Out
Into the wretched hockey mess at Oakland rode minor-leaguer Fred Clover, and now the Seals are soaring

68 Blind Man's Buff
Thanks to a long history of defective vision, Gypsy Joe Harris has been banished to the misery of The Street

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9 Scorecard
52 People
56 Horse Racing
58 College Basketball
62 Hockey
79 For the Record
80 Basketball's Week
82 19th Hole

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Derby-Bound colts now in Florida get their first crack at a mile and an eighth in Hialeah's Flamingo, a race that should reveal which are genuine candidates as classic horses.

Amiable Gate-Crashers at almost every top U.S. sports event are two lackadaisically drifting silver blimps. Coles Phinizy tells how and why they float from contest to contest.