March 17, 1969
March 17, 1969

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March 17, 1969

Ted's Way
NCAA Basketball
Weekend Hurdler
Horse Racing
Go-Go Slow
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Teaching Them Ted's Way
His first two weeks on the job did not produce a Senator victory, but in Williams the team had a winner

This is an article from the March 17, 1969 issue

24 Poor Li'l Midgets, Texas Style
The racing cars were small—but oh my!—in Houston's Astro Grand Prix for the best U.S. drivers

26 High Jinks in the Alley, Cats
Bowling sleuths discover some lane-doctoring designed to help your Aunt Minnie groove 'em like Don Carter

28 Beaten Once but Far from Out
UCLA's loss to USC has taken the pressure off Lew Alcindor & Co., again favored to win the NCAA title

36 A Surfing Fantasy
Artist Mel Ramos observed the big waves at Makaha and went home to paint some self-and-wife-portraits

42 The Woes of Wee Willie Wisp
Willie Davenport is the world's finest hurdler, but he may have to rely on pro football for real fame

68 Go-Go Slow
The laziest, friendliest and gate-crashingest of all U.S. sports fans are a pair of silvery gasbags

The departments

11 Scorecard
50 People
52 Horse Racing
58 Skiing
60 Sailing
63 Golf
64 Sporting Look
66 Bridge
87 For the Record
88 Basketball's Week
90 19th Hole

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Alive and kicking up a fuss, the NBA's Atlanta and San Francisco are conceding nothing to Los Angeles. A preview by Alfred Wright of the hot pro playoffs in the West.

Jelly Beans transformed Charlie Hickcox into the best swimmer in the world, but he is best known on the Indiana campus as the coach of the Phi Delta Theta bike riders.

Oil and wilderness rarely coexist with ease. Today in the majestic Brooks Range of Alaska the two meet head-on to provide a test of man's ability to use without destroying.