18 Voodoo Might Help
But not much. North Carolina, Purdue and Drake have the uphill task of trying to stop UCLA in the NCAA finals

22 From Mountain to Molehill
The lowering of the pitcher's mound from 15 inches to 10 may have a dramatic effect on the game this season

24 An Exhilarating Nip of Liquori
Jim Ryun quenched his doubts and helped win the NCAA track title for Kansas when he edged Villanova's star

26 Challenge by Hawks and Warriors
Beat Chamberlain, Baylor and West? On the eve of the NBA playoffs Atlanta and San Francisco claim they can

38 Their Thing in the Spring
Students from the University of Oregon greet the season with a hilarious ride down the McKenzie River

58 Winter Is No Time for Freaks
When it's below freezing on the New England beaches there are no girls to impress and the surfing is for real

66 The Ultimate Confrontation
An Alaskan oil strike raises ominous conservation dilemmas—and marvelous possibilities

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11 Scorecard
44 People
48 Wrestling
53 Swimming
56 Hockey
58 Surfing
60 Horse Shows
62 College Basketball
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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