May 05, 1969
May 05, 1969

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May 5, 1969

Shuffled Deck
Grand Jean
  • When Montreal needed a goal in sudden-death overtime to win its ferocious struggle with the Boston Bruins in the East's Stanley Cup finals, who was Jeanny on the spot? 'Capitaine' Beliveau, of course

Hot Chestnuts
Track & Field
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 The Deck Is Shuffled
The Cards, expected to be baseball's easiest winners, were on the bottom looking up at the Cubs and the amazin' Pirates

This is an article from the May 5, 1969 issue

24 Grand Jean a Mighty Man is He
Montreal's remarkable Jean Beliveau scores a goal in overtime to defeat the Boston Bruins

The Kentucky Derby

28 Whitney Tower chooses among the four hot chestnuts
36 Two college boys con the con men of Louisville

48 The Art of Ali
While the question of Ali-Clay's fighting plans continues moot, his skill is shown in unique photographs

66 Duning in Jazzed-up Jams
Beach pajamas have become the accepted garb for a new sport—pushing hyped-up buggies over wild waves of sand

86 Slave to a Shah
An Afghan of noble birth is taken to obedience school, where certain ignoble events befall the taker

The departments

13 Scorecard
60 People
63 Bridge
66 Sporting Look
70 Table Tennis
78 Track & Field
84 Lacrosse
99 For the Record
100 Baseball's Week
102 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Phillip Leonian


Next week

The derby report by Whitney Tower and a crew of photographers captures all the color of the event and goes behind the scenes to discover the reasons for victory.

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