20 They'd Rather Switch...
Pro football's merger was stalled until Art Modell met Pete Rozelle in a restaurant, and got an ulcer attack

24 The Prince Ducks the Big One
Despite a courageous Preakness victory, Majestic Prince will not try for the Triple Crown at Belmont

Countdown to the 500

28 Fords were set for swift qualifying—then it rained
30 Introducing Indy's essential but unsung bit players

36 Part III: The Grizzly Bear Murder Case
Rangers shoot some suspected killer bears but the question remains: Where and when will the next attack be?

62 Eight Times Two Equals Four
With only two years of work, one junior college coach has turned out oarsmen as good as many four-year men

75 KC Is Back with a Vengeance
The Royals, substituting real baseball for the old Athletics' zoo, are the game's most successful expansion club

82 All-America All the Way
Name the game, and the members of the handsome, sporting Vandeweghe family will show you how it's played

The departments

9 Scorecard
61 People
62 Rowing
67 Golf
75 Baseball
99 For the Record
100 Baseball's Week
102 19th Hole

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