June 30, 1969
June 30, 1969

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June 30, 1969

Bums Rap
College Baseball
Motor Sports


10 The Way to San Jose
It was a long haul, but John Carlos and his Bandits overtook Kansas to win the collegiate track championship

This is an article from the June 30, 1969 issue

14 Leo's Bums Rap for the Cubs
Forget genteel Chicago fans. The new breed rips up a storm in support of Durocher's tough ball club

20 Quitting Is the Name of Any Game
A modern concept of an old saw: it matters not if you win or lose, it's how you quit the game

22 The Grand Prix des Dames
Jerry Cooke focuses his color camera on the women who ornament the men of speed

30 Something Extra on the Ball
When an athlete needs help, one of the first places he looks is into sports' little black bag of drugs

48 Odd One for the Sun Devils
Arizona State won the college baseball title, but it possibly won't next year. The majors will see to that

52 Owl
Meet him: tiny fuzz-ball, symbol of wisdom, student of pounce, baiter of cat, practitioner of face

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6 Scorecard
44 Bridge
48 College Baseball
50 Motor Sports
63 For the Record
64 Baseball's Week
66 19th Hole

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Next week

The 18-foot pole vault and two sizzling rematches—between Ryun and Liquori in the mile and Evans and Mills in the 440—may be in store at Miami's AAU championships.

The joys of an old-fashioned Fourth of July are among our vanishing glories, but a photo essay that ranges from Ohio to Alaska shows the parade and sack race aren't dead yet.

The sound of hooves and memories of Hemingway combine in Pamplona where John McCormick finds the author's descriptions still valid and the bulls running hard.