18 The Pressure Cooker
It got to Jim Ryun, who dropped out of the AAU mile, as Marty (what, me worry?) Liquori breezed to victory

22 Maris and the Babe, Move Over!
Although Reggie Jackson is pounding homers at a record pace, he plays to an empty house in Oakland

26 Flaunt It and You May Lose It
Obsessed with proving his courage, Jerry Quarry pushed head on into a machine that destroys men

30 High Time to Make Some Rules
The administrators of U.S. sport see no reason to worry about drug usage, but athletes worry, and so do others

36 It's Still a Hopping Holiday
The Fourth of July has lost its bang in some places, but it is a lot more than a whimper in Smalltown, U.S.A.

44 A Little Lace Goes a Long Way
Tennis fashion designer Teddy Tinling got to the top of the fashion set by starting at the bottom

60 The Sound of Hooves
A monument to Hemingway is unveiled at Pamplona, where a festival has withstood both fame and time

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8 Scorecard
48 People
50 Football
54 Golf
56 Tennis
73 For the Record
74 Baseball's Week
76 19th Hole

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