July 14, 1969
July 14, 1969

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July 14, 1969

Billy Casper
Holman & Moody
Big Cats
Harness Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Ready If You Are, O.J.
Still unsigned by the Buffalo Bills, O. J. Simpson is alive and doing very well in Hollywood

This is an article from the July 14, 1969 issue

20 Dashing Dolls in Dayton
Some pert faces and promising performances give girls' track and field an attractive new look

24 Has Anybody Here Seen Billy?
Live with Billy Casper. Fish with him. Pray with him. Now you know him? Maybe. Maybe not

30 Wizards of the Wild Wheels
John Holman and Ralph Moody give Ford a lift in the marketplace by building stock cars for champions

38 Avast, Belay and Pretty Please
A skipper has to be nice to his crew today when everyone owns a boat and there are few to help sail them

42 Natural Enemy of Wild Cats
The ladies' love for feline furs is keeping poachers in business and decimating the ranks of the big cats

54 The High-Flying Hawk
Ken Harrelson, the dressiest man in baseball, begins the entertaining story of how he came to be the sonofagun he is

The departments

8 Scorecard
46 Harness Racing
48 Baseball
50 Tennis
66 Baseball's Week
68 For the Record
69 19th Hole

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Next week

Fiery Billy Martin may argue a lot, but few will deny he has ignited the Minnesota Twins. Roy Blount Jr. files his impressions of a baseball original who hates to stand still.

The Javelin has long been ignored by many U.S. track fans, but burly Mark Murro of Arizona State, who just gets out there and throws, could break the world record.

Mixer and matcher of boxers, managers and money for Madison Square Garden is crafty Teddy Brenner. Jerry Kirshenbaum finds that people talk two ways about him.