July 21, 1969
July 21, 1969

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July 21, 1969

Liege Lord
Torrid Twins
Out To Launch
Horse Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Liege Lord of Golf
Playing in a princely fashion, England's Tony Jacklin wins the British Open for the home folk

This is an article from the July 21, 1969 issue

16 A Torrid Time for the Twins
Blowtorch Billy Martin has transformed 1968's sluggish team into one that may literally steal the pennant

20 Santa Clara Holds a Splashdown
U.S. swimmers and divers surprised themselves in California as they repelled a foreign invasion

22 I Just Couldn't Believe My Ears
Recounting the deals that took him from KC to Boston to Cleveland, Hawk concludes the story of his rise to riches

30 Let's Hear It for Boru!
The sport is baseball, all right, but the way the Japanese play it you might think you're at a U.S. football game

38 They're All Out to Launch
Long ignored in the U.S., the javelin has a potential record breaker in Mark Murro

48 Boxing's Great White Hoopla
Mixing men, managers and money, crafty Teddy Brenner makes the matches for Madison Square Garden

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9 Scorecard
42 People
44 Horse Racing
46 Bridge
56 Baseball's Week
61 For the Record
62 19th Hole

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A scalping party is being assembled in Washington by Vince Lombardi. John Underwood takes a look at the Redskins, their new chief and his No. 1 brave, Sonny Jurgensen.

The gang at the top of a 20,000-foot peak in legendary Nuristan was made up of American amateur climbers—the first group ever to put an entire team on the summit.

De Gaulle's Deluge turns out to be tourists, who are thronging Ireland to see where Le Grand Charles vacationed and even to sleep in the same bed. Pat Ryan reports.