Aug. 04, 1969
Aug. 04, 1969

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Aug. 4, 1969

Baseball Booms
Fish Snoop
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Baseball Booms Again
A festive All-Star Game celebrated the return of the home run—and the return of the fans

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18 I'm Through with Basketball
Bill Russell announces his retirement and explains why he just does not feel involved anymore

20 Looney Is Playing a New Tune
After a tour of duty in Vietnam, pro football's onetime bad boy becomes a Saint

24 Oddballs of the Deep Sea
Harvey Bullis, the world's No. 1 fish snoop, finds some creepy creatures in his search for new netting grounds

30 Nostalgia for the Carriage Trade
At Newport, as the grand old sport of coaching is revived, the elegance of another era is memorialized in color

37 The Happiest Fishing Ground
There were tough times on the Apache Indian reservation in Arizona until the sportsmen's money began rolling in

50 Death by Inches
Little things added up to disaster for the Packers. Jerry Kramer, a member of the old guard, tells what they were

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8 Scorecard
42 People
44 Track
46 Baseball
61 For the Record
62 Baseball's Week
64 19th Hole

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Next week

Namath's first test of the new season comes in Chicago against the O.J.-less College All-Stars, who will try to find what he's made of. Pat Putnam reports on their inquiry.

The beauty and horror of Troon, St. Andrews, Carnoustie and other Scottish golf courses is described by Dan Jenkins, who claims to have invented the game centuries ago.

A whale of a whale is Little Irvy, who wanders around in a wonderful truck. Frank Deford—who has traveled with him—tells the story in a report direct from whaleside.