Aug. 11, 1969
Aug. 11, 1969

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Aug. 11, 1969

Hardy Boy
Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Rookies Give It a Shot
Led by Joe Namath, the world-champion New York Jets beat the College All-Stars, but Baltimore was easier

This is an article from the Aug. 11, 1969 issue

16 Rx for Baseball Ills: the DH Factor
A minor league experiment takes the bat away from the pitchers and puts more pep into the offense

18 Across a Big Drink of Water
It was slow sailing, but the 22 boats that crossed Lake Superior inaugurated the cleanest race of all

20 The Hardy Boy of Archery
Young Hardy Ward will be shooting for the world championship next week, and the odds are he'll win it

28 You'll Not Do That Here, Laddie
A personal history of Scottish golf and its famous courses by the man who says he invented the game, Dan Jenkins

42 A Well-Rounded Way to Live
The Bensons build a dome home on the North Carolina shores, a space-age place to spend a vacation

44 They Laughed When Peter Went Left
But the left way was right and this powerboat pilot proved that the offshore race is not always to the swift

50 Little Irvy
A nature story about a traveling whale who is very big—and a whale owner who is quite an American

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8 Scorecard
40 People
42 Design for Sport
44 Boating
46 Harness Racing
58 For the Record
60 Baseball's Week
62 19th Hole

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Next week

Henry Aaron has not been on a pennant winner since 1958, and for the first time since they moved to Atlanta his Braves are in the race. William Leggett visits the tepee.

Zigging in or zeeing out, pro football's receivers are the game's most spectacular performers. Walter Iooss Jr. depicts the sport's stars in six pages of color photographs.

Who owns America? Well, George Weyerhaeuser owns 1/640th of it, and his timber company is now making its forests available to hunters, anglers, campers and skiers.