Aug. 25, 1969
Aug. 25, 1969

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Aug. 25, 1969

Confirmation Of A Hero
Taste Of O.J.
The Real World
Horse Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Confirmation of a New Hero
Arts and Letters led the way home at Saratoga—a star performance that may make him Horse of the Year

This is an article from the Aug. 25, 1969 issue

20 First Taste of O.J. Is OK
O. J. Simpson finally signs with the Bills and shows flashes of his old form in Buffalo's loss to Detroit

24 Golf Gets a Look at the Real World
Ray Floyd won the PGA, but protesters made the news when they invaded the insulated life of the touring pro

30 The Bottom Part of the Lineup
The life of a baseball utility man is never glamorous, but Chico Ruiz of the Reds is prepared to sit or play

52 Rumanians Are Coming!
By upsetting Great Britain, Rumania becomes the first Communist country to make a Davis Cup Challenge Round

56 The Classic Look Returns
One hundred years after the first intercollegiate football game, fashion comes full circle with the oldtime look

66 The Desperate Coach
Part I of a series illuminating the coach's fundamental struggle with the Now generation

The departments

9 Scorecard
51 People
52 Tennis
54 Golf
56 Sporting Look
64 Horse Racing
78 For the Record
81 Baseball's Week
84 19th Hole

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Next week

Arnie is 40 and, even worse, his hip hurts so much he can't play. A gallery of color photos, along with a touching tribute by Dan Jenkins, salute the glory days of Arnold Palmer.

Forest Hills may never look the same—and thank goodness—once Tennis Promoter Owen Williams finishes sprucing up the old place for the U.S. Open. Kim Chapin describes the man.

A Jersey Marsh is the apt meeting place for Hunter-Author Van Campen Heilner and Ezra Bowen, a novice nimrod who finds that his boyhood hero lives up to the dream.