Sept. 01, 1969
Sept. 01, 1969

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Sept. 1, 1969

The Cardinals
Part 2: The Desperate Coach
Forest Hills


10 Ruben Wilts a Rose
Mexico gets a champion when Ruben Olivares, a true swinger, overwhelms Australia's famous aborigine

This is an article from the Sept. 1, 1969 issue

14 The Puzzle of the Cardinals
Are they going to make the greatest comeback in baseball history—or prove the biggest flop by a favorite?

18 Take the Longest Way to Win
America's Nevele Pride was out in front but steady pressure by a French driver wore him down—and out

20 Shave Off That Thing!
All hell broke loose when the Oregon State football coach told a player to remove his beard. Part 2 of a series

28 Thanks for the Memories
Arnold Palmer is 40 and a bad hip has forced him off the tour, but he is still golf's most appealing player

36 Living Dangerously at Forest Hills
Owen Williams, who glories in risk, has been imported from South Africa to save the U.S. Open from disaster

46 A Hero in a Sneak Box
September sweeps in across Barnegat Bay, bringing a famous hunter, family memories and the black brant

The departments

7 Scorecard
40 Pro Football
42 Archery
44 Tennis
57 For the Record
58 Baseball's Week
60 19th Hole

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Next week

The Orioles are a happy team, which is to be expected of a club that is 15 games ahead in August. But William Leggett questions whether they are ahead because they are happy.

Carefree Bruce Fleischer, the U.S. Amateur Champion, defends his title at rugged Oakmont against a swarm of players, some of them as old as 30. Curry Kirkpatrick reports.

Mother knows best, or so her unusual views of high school football—as seen from behind the washing machine, the burned roast beef and the exam schedules—suggest.