Sept. 08, 1969
Sept. 08, 1969

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Sept. 8, 1969

National League
Part 3: The Desperate Coach
  • Some coaches are ready to make extreme efforts to relate to the new breed of student-athletes—who are really athlete-students. Others are fed up with so-called appeasement and clamor for a return to discipline and authority. But almost everyone agrees it's high time the kids were told the truth

Harness Racing
Missile Gap
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 A Difference of Opinion
The Cowboys beat the Oilers for the championship of Texas, but then Granny Emma devised Dallas' game plan

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22 Mad Scramble East and West
Turning into the last month of the season, seven National League teams are fighting for two playoff berths

26 Fluffy Makes it No Contest
With a nickname like that, can a golfer win? Steve Melnyk answered "yes" with a five-stroke victory in the Amateur

28 Concessions—and Lies
Some coaches adapt, others yearn for the past, but all agree the truth must out. The last part of a series

42 Winging It Through Russia
There will be plenty to see, bird watchers were told—and there was—but birds were the least of it

48 Why Mom Supports the Game
Despite burned roasts, dirty uniforms and flattering recruiters, a mother gives a cheer for high school football

66 Closing the Missile Gap in Pubs
The training diet for darts is beer—and many shooters score their best when they're too trained to stand

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7 Scorecard
52 People
57 Sailing
60 Harness Racing
75 Baseball's Week
79 For the Record
80 19th Hole

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College football marks its 100th anniversary, having begun on Nov. 6, 1869 with a friendly tussle between Rutgers and Princeton in New Brunswick. Since then thousands of players have run, passed and tackled, and from these Dan Jenkins selects the 11 who make up what might be called the All-Century team. Following that is a look at the new season, including the hazardous selection of the nation's Top 20 teams, reports on the leading conferences, independents and small colleges. Plus, of course, the normal news and features.