22 The Pursuit of Willie and Clyde
Led by Willie McCovey and Clyde King, those great also-rans, the Giants, are in hot flight toward the pennant

26 No Clink and No Clank in Cincy
Bengal Head Coach Paul Brown is still sending in the plays, but sometimes his players tell him which ones

28 Everybody Do the Putt-Putt
The best putters in the world—miniature-golf style—gathered in Fayetteville, N.C. for a $110,000 tournament

32 Marje's Late, Late Show
By staging Thoroughbred racing's richest event at night, Marje Everett has started a civil war

38 The New Mercedes-Go-Round
A distinguished automaker unveils a sports car whose rotary engine, says the author, previews the future

College Football: 1869-1969

46 Dan Jenkins selects SI's All-Century eleven
56 Ohio State leads the parade of the Top 20 teams
78 Reports—and predictions—on the conference races
87 Some bids for power among the small colleges

108 Sport Was Box-Office Poison
The ill-starred pitcher, the kidnapped passer, the lovesick boxer: Hollywood played with them all—and lost

The departments

17 Scorecard
93 People
94 Fishing
99 Tennis
102 Horse Show
104 Bridge
121 For the Record
122 Baseball's Week
124 19th Hole

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