Sept. 15, 1969
Sept. 15, 1969

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Sept. 15, 1969

Yesterday/Vander Meer
Willie And Clyde
Marje's Show
  • It is recorded that the first intercollegiate football game was held at New Brunswick on Nov. 6, 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton and that Rutgers won 6-4, the scoring and playing rules being considerably different than they are today. What is not known are the names of the heroes of that game, for, surely, in a sense, they were the first All-Americas. It was not until 20 years later that such a list was officially compiled, and since then hundreds of players have been so honored, by newspapers, magazines and, more recently, television. Now, on the 100th anniversary of that first game, the writer boils down the list of All-Americas to 11, the first All-Century team

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Cover—Walter Iooss Jr. (2), Arthur Shay, Sheedy & Long, Tony Tomsic
22-25—Sheedy & Long
27—Martin Mills-Black Star
29, 30—Bruce Roberts-Rapho Guillumette
32, 33—Herb Scharfman
38—Gerry Cranham
40—Automobile Quarterly Magazine
57—Sheedy & Long
59—Harry Cabluck
60—Walter Iooss Jr.
62—Peter Hujar
63—Bill Mahan from Leviton-Atlanta
65—Walter Iooss Jr.
66—Carl Iwasaki
68, 69—Stephen Green-Armytage
71—Walter Iooss Jr.
72—Sheedy & Long
74—Peter Hujar
76—Herb Scharfman
78, 79—Sheedy & Long
80—Tony Tomsic
81—Sheedy & Long
93—Erbert Ancoin, Chicago Daily News
94—University of Iowa Photo Service
99—Rocky Weldon
108—bottom, Theatre Collection, N.Y. Public Library
111—Eliot Elisofon-LIFE
112-116—Theatre Collection, N.Y. Public Library
121—Anita Verschoth, Stephanie Jungmann, Peter Breinig-San Francisco Chronicle; Ray Cary, Charles H. Merrill-Maine Sunday Telegram

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