Sept. 29, 1969
Sept. 29, 1969

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Sept. 29, 1969

Rush And A Penny
  • The Rams' big pass rush wasn't the only thing that enabled them to beat the Colts and add to the upsets in pro ball last weekend. There was also the little matter of Coach George Allen's lucky penny

  • Defending the Davis Cup, the U.S. schneidered the Rumanians, but the triumph probably rates an asterisk, since the best team in the world—the Australian pros—was ineligible under capricious rules

Wild West
No O.J.
College Football
Harness Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 A Rush and a Penny
The Rams' pass rush wasn't the only thing that beat the Colts—there was Coach George Allen's lucky penny

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22 Second Best Is Good Enough
The U.S. schneidered the Rumanians to retain the Davis Cup but the triumph rates an asterisk

24 Knockdown Time in the Wild West
Bodies—lots of them—were beginning to fall as the Giants and the Braves took over in the National League West

32 Getting by Nicely Without O.J.
When Mr. Simpson left, USC fans expected the worst, but Quarterback Jimmy Jones has them talking Rose Bowl

38 See You Later, Alligator
Well, maybe. But first illegal hunting of the animals must be stopped and sale of the skins regulated

46 The Grandes Dames of Racing
A portfolio of color photographs salutes some of the genuine horsewomen who grace the sport

78 A Tale of Two Men and One City
Hack Wilson, hero of Capone's Chicago, had nothing in common with the importance-of-being-Ernie Banks

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11 Scorecard
56 College Football
64 People
67 Golf
70 Harness Racing
95 For the Record
96 Baseball's Week
98 19th Hole

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