Oct. 27, 1969
Oct. 27, 1969

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Oct. 27, 1969

The Mets
Pro Basketball
College Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Never Pumpkins Again
The old joke has died and the New York Mets are living, breathing champions of baseball after burying Baltimore

This is an article from the Oct. 27, 1969 issue

22 The View from the Bottom
The Bears and the Saints both have perfect records, 0 and 5, and their fans are beginning to throw things

26 Pro Basketball's New Season
The NBA's balance of power is gone but the ABA's problems remain. Reports and prophecies by Frank Deford

36 Transformed by the Transfer
Quarterback Dennis Dummit, a refugee from a junior college, has turned the losing UCLA Bruins into a winner

40 Jose Settles an Old Account
Defending his welterweight title, Jose Napoles took on the nemesis of many of his countrymen

42 The Kelso Bit, or a Career Nipped
The life of a sportswriter isn't all beer and skittles. Sometimes it's Mantle, Hogan and Arthur Daley

82 Lew Alcindor's Own Story
Breaking his silence for the first time, Lew starts a full and candid account of his experiences

The departments

11 Scorecard
50 College Football
60 People
66 Boating
68 Hunting
70 Golf
79 Bridge
103 For the Record
104 19th Hole

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Next week

The purple people eaters of Minnesota have parlayed a ferocious pass rush and a revitalized Joe Kapp to lead the NFL's Central Division. Tex Maule provides the analysis.

Some like it hot, but to Painter Richard Estes ice hockey has muted moments that speak more eloquently about the sport than any slavish representation of its violence.

The Russians may be the crowned kings of caviar, but Robert H. Boyle maintains that we have our Ace in the hole—Ace Lent, a Hudson River commercial fisherman.