Nov. 03, 1969
Nov. 03, 1969

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Nov. 3, 1969

Merciless Minnesota
  • The Vikings, with Joe Kapp on the beam and the four Norsemen lowering the boom on opposing quarterbacks, are not only leading the NFL's Central Division but may be building a dynasty. Color it purple.

Hot Seat
My Story: Part 2
College Football
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Merciless Minnesota
The Vikings, with Joe Kapp on the beam and the Four Norsemen lowering the boom, lead the Central Division

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22 On a Hot Seat in Boston
Red Auerbach and Tom Heinsohn share the heat and a big problem—Bill Russell is really gone

26 No Defeats, Loads of Trouble
When Coach Lloyd Eaton of unbeaten Wyoming suspended his 14 black players, he started a Western furor

28 Hockey's Muted Moments
Artist Richard Estes paints a subtle scene, leaving the action to the viewer's mind

34 Lew Alcindor's Story: Part 2
At UCLA the basketball was fine, says Lew, but prejudice on the campus nearly drove him away

62 All the Big Money Was on the Red
The money was out of the overalls and on the line as an Irish import won coursing's Challenge Cup

70 Uncrowned King of Caviar
There are sturgeon in the Hudson River, and Ace Lent contemplates the fish-egg business

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9 Scorecard
46 College Football
52 People
57 Fishing
60 Hockey
62 Dogs
64 Horse Racing
68 Bridge
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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