The names have become as familiar as almost any in the sport: LSU's Pete Maravich (see cover), whose scoring soars as his socks sag; Niagara's Calvin Murphy and Purdue's Rick Mount, two dead-shot guards (right); Centers Mike Maloy of Davidson, Bob Lanier of St. Bonaventure and Dan Issel of Kentucky (from left, next page); and Charles Scott of North Carolina, whose all-round skills rival Pistol Pete's. Sculptor Howard Kanovitz, using a mixed bag of artistic genres, placed them all on pedestals, as well he might. That is where they and a slew of others from Santa Clara to Columbia to New Mexico State have been since they first stepped onto college courts two years ago. They are seniors now, part of a remarkable class that has as many stars as vintage 1962, when Lucas, DeBusschere, Walker, Havlicek and many more graduated into the pros. UCLA's John Wooden calls Maravich the greatest ball handler ever. Beginning on page 39, Pete tells what it takes to get that good and our annual scouting reports (page 48) tell why, despite his wizardry, his Tigers will take no title. In a wide-open year the other teams—perhaps 50 of them—are loaded.

The most complete senior of all may be North Carolina's Charles Scott, a smooth shot who blends spring with strength and quickness.