1. Drew Brees,Saints 363 4,388 34 11 7 10
Backup: No. 14 Mark Sanchez (at Browns), No. 33 Trent Edwards (vs. Lions), No. 22 Chad Henne (vs. Titans)
Last season Henne threw for 349 yards in a loss to Tennessee. With a year as the starter under his belt and deep threat Brandon Marshall at his disposal, he may be the perfect complement to Brees.
2. Aaron Rodgers,Packers 350 4,434 30 7 5 10
Backup: Sanchez (at Browns), Edwards (vs. Lions), Henne (vs. Titans)
As a rule Green Bay quarterbacks don't miss games, so a week out of Sanchez or Henne, one of whom will surely be there past the 13th round of any dozen-team draft, is all you need to get through the bye.
3. Tom Brady,Patriots 371 4,398 28 13 7 5
Backup: No. 17 Matthew Stafford (vs. Rams), No. 18 Sam Bradford (at Lions)
Dynasty leaguers get a keeper and an effective sub, as two of the league's up-and-coming signal-callers face off— against each one's easiest opponent of the season—during Tom Terrific's bye week.
4. Peyton ManningColts 393 4,500 33 16 9 7
Backup: Bradford (at Buccaneers), No. 27 David Garrard (at Chiefs), No. 29 Josh Freeman (vs. Rams)
The urge is to pair Peyton with little brother Eli, but get past it because the elder Manning hasn't needed a sub for his entire career. Garrard, Freeman or Bradford with your last pick will work just fine.
5. Tony Romo,Cowboys 347 4,483 26 9 8 4
Backup: No. 23 J. Campbell (vs. Texans), No. 28 Matt Hasselbeck (at Rams), No. 35 Jake Delhomme (vs. Bengals)
Don't even draft the Browns' Delhomme, but grab him on waivers before the Battle of Ohio, which usually turns into an offensive show, then replace him with Cowboys backup Jon Kitna to protect against a Romo injury.
6. Matt Schaub,Texans 396 4,770 29 15 9 7
Backup: No. 13 Donovan McNabb (at Bears), No. 15 Alex Smith (at Panthers), Garrard (at Chiefs)
Often injured in the past, Schaub is coming off his first full season as a starter, during which he led the league in passing yardage. Is it a trend or simply a run of good luck? If it's the former, Garrard will cost the least to get.
7. Philip Rivers,Chargers 317 4,254 28 9 5 10
Backup: Sanchez (at Browns), Smith (vs. Rams), Henne (vs. Titans)
Rivers may start slowly without suspended receiver Vincent Jackson, which makes the 49ers' Smith, with his Big Three of Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis and Frank Gore, the most attractive option.
8. Kevin Kolb,Eagles 62 741 4 3 2 8
Backup: McNabb (at Lions), Campbell (vs. Seahawks), No. 30 Matt Moore (at Rams)
With the weapons he has, it would be a shock if Kolb didn't have a big year, so instead of wasting a mid-round pick on McNabb or Palmer to sit on the bench, spend the final selection on the Panthers' Moore.
9. Brett Favre,Vikings 363 4,202 33 7 6 4
Backup: Smith (at Falcons), No. 16 Eli Manning (vs. Bears), No. 28 Matt Hasselbeck (at Rams)
Worried that Favre will retire? Then act early to land Smith or Manning, both solid starters. Sure about his return? Wait for the Seahawks' Hasselbeck, who has 19 career TD passes in 14 games against St. Louis.
10. Jay Cutler,Bears 336 3,666 27 26 3 8
Backup: No. 19 Ben Roethlisberger (at Saints), No. 21 Carson Palmer (vs. Dolphins), Campbell (vs. Seahawks)
There's a lot of justifiable fear about how Roethlisberger's suspension will affect him, but the two-time Super Bowl winner will have something to prove in a nationally televised game against the defending champs.
11. Joe Flacco,Ravens 315 3,613 21 12 3 8
Backup: McNabb (at Lions), Palmer (vs. Dolphins), Campbell (vs. Seahawks)
With new wideout Anquan Boldin and a rock-solid offensive line, Flacco should join the 4,000-yard club. The week he's off, the Raiders' Campbell, with his underrated arsenal, will take advantage of Seattle.
12. Matt Ryan,Falcons 263 2,916 22 14 1 8
Backup: McNabb (at Lions), Palmer (vs. Dolphins), Campbell (vs. Seahawks)
Ryan regressed after a strong rookie season in '08; meanwhile, McNabb faces the worst fantasy passing defense during Ryan's bye week and provides a viable starting option should the Falcon falter.

• Normally when a young quarterback like the Eagles' Kevin Kolb, 25, takes over a team, he has to prove to the grizzled veterans that he's ready. But following an off-season purge that included Donovan McNabb—under whom Kolb (above) apprenticed the past three seasons—every Philadelphia running back and receiver is younger than 28. It's hard to expect Kolb to replicate his two starts last season, when he averaged 359 yards and two touchdowns, but he can become an every-week fantasy starter.

• The Dolphins want to run, but Ronnie Brown has trouble staying healthy; Ricky Williams is 33; and neither Patrick Cobbs nor Lex Hilliard is ready to be a feature back. Couple those deficiencies with the off-season acquisition of 100-catch machine Brandon Marshall to go with promising receivers Brian Hartline and Davone Bess, and Chad Henne(above) looks less like a handoff drone and more like a passer who can produce.

Sam Bradford(above) will take the snaps from Day One for the Rams. The 2008 Heisman winner threw 88 touchdowns in 31 games at Oklahoma. Fully healed, Bradford can be a fantasy spot starter, especially when he has the right matchup and as he develops a rapport with underrated receivers Donnie Avery and Mardy Gilyard, a rookie out of Cincinnati.