The Lineup

July 11, 2005
July 11, 2005

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July 11, 2005

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field
Pro Basketball
Motor Sports
Summer Double Issue

The Lineup

The Lineup

This is an article from the July 11, 2005 issue

JULY 11-JULY 18, 2005

VOLUME 103, NO. 2



10 Leading Off

18 Letters

20 Contributors

25 Air and Space

Second thoughts on athletes' use of the third person by Steve Rushin

28 Scorecard

• Assessing the NBA's labor pact

• Ohio State comes back strong

41 Faces in the Crowd

45 Players

156 The Life of Reilly

Handsome Hairy: Johnny Damon, baseball beefcake by Rick Reilly


52 Surprise Return

The unexpected triumph of a joyful Venus Williams enchanted the crowds

by S.L. Price


60 My All-Star Team

Meet the new faces of baseball. Note: The eight home run leaders are absent

by Tom Verducci

66 Joltin' Jones

Andruw Jones is having the breakout power season Atlanta long hoped for

by Michael Farber


74 The Lakers' Big Gamble

L.A. drafted Andrew Bynum, 17, betting he'll measure up in the pivot

by Ian Thomsen


78 The Long Road Back

Finishing third at the Pepsi 400, Dale Jr. rejoined the race for the Chase

by Lars Anderson

83 SI Summer Party 2005

We invited 25 athletes and actors with that special mix of ability, fame and personality

93 Sports Tribes

Even more elemental than team spirit is the force that binds certain athletes to their chosen games, and to one another

by Karl Taro Greenfeld

108 25 Summer Essentials

SI's writers personally recommend things that they feel you absolutely must do, watch, read or eat before Labor Day

114 25 Lost Treasures

The whereabouts of some key sports collectibles are a mystery. A fortune awaits those who can find these Holy Grails

120 25 Amazing Animals

They may not sign multimillion-dollar contracts, but they're still consummate pro athletes

by Ben Reiter

125 Where Are They Now? 25 Years Later

SI catches up with the stars of 1980, a year of momentous turnarounds in sports

•Roberto Duran

The boxer who quit wants respect

•Jim Plunkett

The Oakland QB's knees, shoulder, back and neck are living in the past

•Magic Johnson

A quarter century ago a bubbly rookie lifted his team to greatness

•Denny Crum

From coach to pro poker player

•Evonne Goolagong

Helping Australia's young Aborigines

•The 1980 Champion Phillies

Their will remains indomitable

•Lost and Found

Cha-Cha, the Caddyshack gopher, et al


INSET PHOTOS: Peter Read Miller (McMahon), Walter Iooss Jr. (Borg), Harry How/Getty Images (Murray), Morry Gash/AP (Kampman), Diana Eliazov (Handsome Dan), AP (Wagner Card), Simon Bruty (Williams)

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