Jan. 19, 1970
Jan. 19, 1970

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Jan. 19, 1970

Super Bowl
L.A. Open
Part 4: Television And Sport
My Kahlahnah Baby
College Basketball


4—Eric Schweikardt
11—left, Neil Leifer; right, James Drake
12—Neil Leifer
13—top, James Drake; bottom, Walter Iooss Jr.
14—Neil Leifer
16, 17—Herb Scharfman
18—Martin Mills
20, 23—Sheedy & Long
25—John D. Hanlon
28, 29—Tony Triolo, Roy DeCarava (2), ABC
30, 31—Sheedy & Long
38-41—Bruce Roberts-Rapho Guillumette
42—London Daily Express-Pictorial, AP
65—Paul M. Schmick (1)

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