Feb. 02, 1970
Feb. 02, 1970

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Feb. 2, 1970

More Fun
French Dressing
College Basketball
Pro Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


8 It's More Fun Without Lew
UCLA, displaying an all-round game again, is as prosperous as ever—and everybody plays

This is an article from the Feb. 2, 1970 issue

12 New Kind of French Dressing
Skiing's young chargers are tearing up the oldtimers as the season swings toward the world championships

18 Neat Feet with a Kenya Beat
They belonged to lightfoot Miler Kip Keino as he defeated Marty Liquori in 4:00.6 on a tight Philly track

20 Into the Winner's Circle
Willie Shoemaker reveals details of his career as America's winningest jockey

26 'Mother' Was a Home at Sea
A 50-foot twin diesel sheltered Artist Tom Allen and his companions on a fishing trip to the Curly Cut Cays

32 Golfing's Pro of 52nd Street
He may miss a cut now and then out on the tour, but Dave Marr always qualifies for a place at Shor's bar

44 Mortgaging the Old Homestead
An eminent science writer assesses what we are doing to our world and ponders our chances of survival

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6 Scorecard
37 People
38 College Basketball
40 Pro Basketball
53 For the Record
54 19th Hole

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Next week

The big sports cars open a new world-championship season at Daytona as Ferrari returns to challenge speedsters from Porsche and Matra. Bob Jones reports the 24-hour race.

What goes up must ski down, and Squaw Valley is booming with new lifts and a grand gondola. The Olympic site and its Olympian owner are revisited by Alfred Wright.

The sack of Paris has tempted many militarists. The most recent attempt was in 1969 when a bunch of Welsh rugby fans—looters and cattle thieves at heart—almost did it.