Feb. 09, 1970
Feb. 09, 1970

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Feb. 9, 1970

Big Cat
Daytona Mystique
Rubies And Diamonds
What Goes Up
Part 2: The Shoemaker Story
College Basketball
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Big Cat on the Prowl
A resurgent Pancho Gonzales stalks the best players and the big money in the Tennis Champions, Inc. pro tournament

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18 The Loop's Gone Hoops-a-Daisy
After rejecting three pro basketball teams, Chicago embraces the Bulls, thanks to two energetic young men

20 No Way to Treat a Mystique
Legendary Ferrari returned to endurance racing in the Daytona 24 Hours—only to be pummeled by Porsche

24 Rubies and Diamonds
George Plimpton sits in with the Lions in the pro football draft and watches them select a handful of gems

28 What Goes Up Must Ski Down
The '60 Olympics gave Squaw Valley its first big lift—but the Olympian Alec Cashing keeps coming on

32 I Blew a Few Big Ones, Too
Concluding his account of racing's winningest career, Shoemaker describes some controversial rides

58 Cymru Am Byth!
Any Welshman will translate the above for you—and add a few expletives during a Wales-France rugby game

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9 Scorecard
42 People
47 College Basketball
50 Sailing
54 Track
67 For the Record
68 19th Hole

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The high schooler for this and most other seasons is 6'11" Tom McMillen, the most sought-after basketball player since Alcindor and, says Peter Carry, one of the most elusive.

Can a citizen help President Nixon fight pollution? Well, it isn't easy, as Robert Boyle found in his long campaign to stop a railroad from spewing oil into the Hudson.

Senior golfers, attention! Gene Sarazen shows how older players can compete with class after the stretch has gone out of their backswings and the whip out of their wrists.